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GEAR Premium Sidekick 12" Tall Laid Back Beaker Tube W/Built-In Lighter Holster

Clear Glass
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    Introducing...... GEAR Premium® Sidekick™!  We selected our most popular GEAR Premium® beaker base water pipes and added a beautifully designed, patent pending built-in lighter holster to store your lighter for ultimate convenience. Enjoy a smooth smoking experience and never lose your lighter again with the GEAR Premium® Sidekick™!

    Kick back and Be Amazed!

    Each G553 Kit Includes:

    • GEAR Premium™ T-Shirt   

    • GEAR Premium™ Lighter

    • GEAR Premium™ Keychain 

    • GEAR Premium™ Sticker

  • GEAR Premium Sidekick 12" Tall Laid Back Beaker Tube W/Built-In Lighter Holster | G553

  • Size: 12 Inches Tall

    100% Borosilicate Glass

  • What To Expect:

    Jupiter ships all orders within 3 - 4 days, some fancy glass pieces may take slightly longer. Canadian shipment take 8 to 10 days to be delivered.

    ***********PLEASE SEND ALL SHIPPING QUESTIONS TO web@jupitergrass.ca***********
    Discreet Packaging for Privacy: Jupiter uses discreet and considerate packing boxes. Our labels say Jupiter Glass and because we use correct commodity classification numbers with duty already paid, our shipment to you crosses borders effortlessly. With regards to credit card billing, it will say “Jupiter Glass” on your statement.
    Breakage Policy: Jupiter double boxes all glass bongs and they are packed with very adequate packing materials. If breakage occurs, (very rare), kindly email upon receipt of your order so that we may make things right with you. We have shipped thousands of glass items successfully.

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