Roach Clips & Smoke Stones

A device used to hold a roach (end of the joint) so it doesn’t burn your fingers such as an alligator clip or hemostat.


Any device that can be used to hold a joint, blunt, cone, or pre-roll. For example, in Scary Movie, Shorty uses jumper cables to hold his blunt.

  • Roach Clip- Glass Mushroom - Jupiter
    Roach Clip- Glass Mushroom $9.95 CAD
  • Roach Clip- Dice - Jupiter
    Roach Clip- Dice Out of stock
  • HOOTS- Great Horned Large Roach Clip - Jupiter
    HOOTS- Great Horned Large Roach Clip Out of stock
  • Roach Clip- Naked Lady - Jupiter
    Roach Clip- Naked Lady $7.95 CAD
  • Roach Clip- 8 Ball - Jupiter
    Roach Clip- 8 Ball $7.95 CAD
  • Roach Clip- Wrench - Jupiter
    Roach Clip- Wrench $7.95 CAD
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Spider Roach Clip - Jupiter
    Glow-in-the-Dark Spider Roach Clip $9.95 CAD
  • Curved Hemostat Roach Clip - Jupiter
    Curved Hemostat Roach Clip from $9.95 CAD

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