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About Us

Who is Jupiter?

Jupiter is a family run business which was federally incorporated on April 20,1982.

We originally started out as glassblowers and we specialize in glass. Our stores are very contemporary and we offer great customer service. 

We have seven shops in Canada:

Jupiter Whyte - 10408 Whyte Avenue, Edmonton

Jupiter Sherbrooke - 11839 St. Albert Trail, Edmonton

Jupiter 97, 12841 - 97 Street, Edmonton

Jupiter Westpoint Square, 17547 - 100 Avenue, Edmonton

Jupiter Fort Road, 13572 Fort Road, Edmonton

Jupiter Saskatoon - 102, 626 Broadway Avenue

Jupiter Victoria - 619 Johnson Street

What about Jupiter products?

Jupiter offers you the very finest products available in the world today. We focus on products that work well and that are top quality. You must be of legal age to purchase products online.

Open up your own Jupiter!

If you have a desire to own your own business and be your own boss, a Jupiter franchise is the ideal business opportunity for you! 

Franchising is the chosen growth model to build the Jupiter brand. The franchise system allows you to operate a booming, unique business in your community while having the support of a head office. You'll have access to new product development, best practices and research on changing business trends. For independent operators, tracking these changes and staying ahead of the market can require a major time investment. As a Jupiter franchise, it is all done for you! 

We are expanding and looking for like-minded entrepreneurs who would like to open their own Jupiter store. Please click here.