Everlaster Stud Strap-On Harness


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There are all sorts of reasons why penetrative sex might be a challenge for you or your partner. Fact is, sometimes, our bodies just won't or can't co-operate. The Everlaster Stud Strap-On Harness from Sportsheets is here for those times, plus lots of other just-for-fun scenarios. Although it's definitely able to be used by anyone, and any body, the Stud was specifically designed to be used with a hollow dildo fit over a flaccid penis.

Comfortable and extra user friendly, the Everlaster Stud slips easily over the hips. Tug the waist and thigh straps to adjust to a perfect fit and play away! You'll be able to use your choice of compatible hollow (or solid) dildo or other penetrator (sold separately) with the Stud, just feed it though the harness's 2"/5.08cm O-ring. If you'd like to use something a little/a lot bigger or smaller, you'll be able to snap off the included O-ring and replace it with one you already own. Oh, and don't worry, there's plenty of clearance for your/their scrotum.

In a soft poly bend with ABS plastic and nitrile accents, the Stud should be hand washed as needed. Dildo sold separately.

* The Everlaster Stud Strap-On Harness fits up to a 69"/175.3cm waist

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