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How to properly clean a bong?

Most smokers prefer bongs for water filtration to remove fine particles from some and help deliver cooler and smoother rips. Proper bong care is essential so you can properly enjoy your loose leaf herb. Everyone must learn how to clean their water pipes.

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After a series of big bong rips, you will notice a ring starts to form around the waterline of your water pipe. Bacteria and mildew may exist in this film even you change the bong water regularly. It can cause you to cough more when toking and even cause some lung discomfort over time. We recommend you make a point of cleaning your bong regularly.

Changing your bong water every session is a must as well. You get the best filtration, not to mention flavor, with clean water. 

Have you ever accidentally tipped your piece over and spilled used bong water on the carpet? It is a gnarly smelling fluid that will cause even the most experienced stoner to gag in disbelief. Clean your bong as much as possible.

When is it time to Clean your bong?

Once you see that ring form around the waterline of your bong or when you pour new water into it and you see some little pieces of weed floaters, resin, or residue in there, you now have a dirty bong. All of those particles (combined with bacteria and mildew) cause that really specific bong smell.

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            A Dirty Bong

Smoking experts suggest cleaning your bong once a week and cannabis connoisseurs will clean their bong every day. The best daily routine is to dump the water out when you are done using your bong every single time and then clean it. Use clean water to refill your water pipe each right before you want to sesh.

How to Clean a Bong

You don't need any fancy solutions. The classic rubbing alcohol and salt mixture is still the stoner standard to keep your piece looking brand new. These accessible products are most likely in your home already.

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To clean your bong, take out all removable small pieces (bong bowl, downstem, and/or ash catcher), pour isopropyl alcohol into the bong, and add course salt (such as Epsom) that acts as an abrasive. Cover all openings, shake your piece for about 5 minutes, then rinse it out with warm water. You may also use a few drops of dish soap, but remember to rinse out it out throughly with water again after.

In a pinch, you could also clean your bong using vinegar and rice. Fill the bong with vinegar and rice and then repeat the above procedure.

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        Before and After

Will commercial Bong Cleaners work?

Yes, there are also some highly effective commercial cleaning solutions that will do the trick and are available for purchase from the Jupiter Online Head Shop.

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Bongs are an excellent way to get high. But if you want consistently good experience when you sesh with your bong, keep it clean.