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Free Gifts With Purchase

Jupiter offers Free Gifts With Purchase.  Receive a Free Gift for every $25.00 spent up to $100

$25.00:   Maynards

$50.00:   Lighter

$75.00:  Hemp Wrap

$100.00:  Ten Dollar ($10.00) Gift Card

It applies to the first $100.00 spent only. The Gift Card code is emailed to you after the order is placed.

Gift With Purchase That Appear As Free Items

There is a glitch in our Free Gift App that may allow customers to add the Gifts With Purchase to their cart that are priced at $0.00. We will only include the Free Gifts With Purchase that your orders qualifies for.

Items Priced At $0.00

Technology is great, but there are instances when a Shopify App we use to share inventory from our brick and mortar store accidentally synchronizes items from our other website and adds variants (other colors or sizes etc...) that we do not have in stock at a price of $0.00. Everybody is awesome, but we will remove those $0.00 items from your order and will not be providing any form of compensation for them.  Jupiter is been an independent family run business for over 18 years. We offer Free Gifts With Purchase and Free Shipping Tiers are available to delight all of our online customers.

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