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Digital Scales

Things to consider before buying:

There are a couple of things you absolutely need to consider before choosing the best digital scale for weed (these are in no particular order for importance):

1) Usage: You'll want to be cognizant of the different types of items and measurement metrics you'll want to understand before purchasing. For example, most digital scales have the following measurements:

  1. gram (g)
  2. ounce (oz)
  3. troy ounces (ozt)
  4. diamond weight total (dwt).

For anything cannabis related, you'll probably be using the gram metric for measurement. We purposely ranked scales that show .001 measurements (the scales towards the end of the list don't all show the exact measurement to the 100th decimal). You'll want to assess your needs and make sure that if you're trying to measure smaller weights to look at the top 5 scales vs. the bottom half.

2) Price: Although we're only talking about a difference of about $1-$15 for the different digital scales, this could make a difference if you end up purchasing more than 1 or if you have to re-purchase because the quality of your scale isn't great. There are digital scales that are under <$10 and there are some that are over $40 - it really all depends on your appetite and the things you'll be using your scale for.

3) Functionality: Some customers of digital weed scales will use the scales exclusively for weighing cannabis. Others will actually use it for measuring other things such as diamonds and or food. This would mean that you'll want to make sure that your scale accommodates the types of food you'll want to measure (fruit, veggie, etc).


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