Paddles, Floggers, and Crops

Impact play, simply put, refers to any form of impact on the body for sexual gratification purposes. Many sexual partners practice impact play the most common way, through spanking, but those who are more experienced will often bring toys into the mix or try a slew of other acts. Impact play is a prevalent kink with a wide umbrella.

Some people prefer various toys, such as whips, floggers, and paddles. Each instrument delivers a different sensation. 

  • Starburst Feather Body Tickler in Red - Jupiter
    Starburst Feather Body Tickler in Red $9.95 CAD
  • Fetish Fantasy Silicone Spade Crop - Jupiter
    Fetish Fantasy Silicone Spade Crop $19.95 CAD
  • Studded Paddle - Jupiter
    Studded Paddle $19.95 CAD
  • Heart Split Paddle - Jupiter
    Heart Split Paddle $17.95 CAD
  • Sex & Mischief Fishnet Paddle - Jupiter
    Sex & Mischief Fishnet Paddle $24.95 CAD
  • Sex & Mischief Mahogany Flogger - Jupiter
    Sex & Mischief Mahogany Flogger $14.95 CAD
  • XOXO Paddle in Black - Jupiter
    XOXO Paddle in Black $14.95 CAD
  • Silicone Slapper in Grey - Jupiter
    Silicone Slapper in Grey $29.95 CAD

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