Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Zig Zag aka ZigZag premium rolling papers or Zig Zag wraps are crafted with natural ingredients and iconic style for a smooth smoking experience, no matter your skill level. Many will associate Zig Zags or ZigZags with the iconic Zig Zag man prominently featured on the rolling papers' package. Others will remember seeing a family member using Zig Zag rolling papers with a cigarette rolling machine that sits on a rolling tray.

  • ZIG-ZAG White Kutcorners - Jupiter
    ZIG-ZAG White Kutcorners $2.80 CAD
  • ZIG-ZAG Blue Kutcorners - Jupiter
    ZIG-ZAG Blue Kutcorners $2.80 CAD
  • Zig Zag Flax & Hemp SB - Jupiter
    Zig Zag Flax & Hemp SB $1.90 CAD
  • Zig Zag Ultra Thin Free Burn - Jupiter
    Zig Zag Ultra Thin Free Burn $2.80 CAD

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