You might think all vibrators are basically phallic-shaped sex toys, meant to mimic a vibrating version of penetrative sex. They're not—some of the OG vibrators aren’t penis-shaped at all. They’re wands. Used for all kinds of external (and occasionally internal) stimulation, wand vibrators are known for being the strongest vibrators in the game.

If you're looking for a new wand vibrator, Alicia Sinclair, sex expert and founder of LeWand and B-Vibe, recommends one with "body safe materials (specifically a silicone head) and a wand with diverse speeds, since all bodies are different." She also recommends a wand vibrator with a travel lock and a warranty, ya know...just in case.

Wands are also the best sex toy if you want the deep, rumbly vibration that a small vibe just can't deliver. "I’d suggest looking for something that has a large head—at least the size of golf ball for a small wand and about the size of a tennis ball for a big wand," says Sinclair. She also encourages listening to wands before buying them: The vibration should hum, not squeal. And if you want to use your wand vibrator on multiple body parts and/or people, Sinclair recommends finding "a wand with attachments."

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