TwistedHTR One Hitter Pipe

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$40.99 CAD $44.95 CAD

The best-designed reload pipe available. The number one complaint with traditional twisting pipe re-loader designs is they get too hot and they break when people drop them or don't store them properly. The Twisted HTR addresses this concern by building a metal sleeve around the glass to insulate and protect it from heat and breaking. This unique factor also makes it more discrete. The second complaint is dry herb particles in the mouth when looking at traditional twisting pipes, TwistedHTR’s mouthpiece has a built-in filter to prevent that bad experience from occurring. The Deluxe Twisted HTR also has unique gaskets to make the twisting reload action have the perfect resistance and simple to turn, special groves on our mouthpiece allow for greater grip on the pipes as well. the Twisted HTR also has a mouthpiece that will fit most downstems. Made of a high-quality German glass body the Twisted HTR offers high heat resistance and taste purity that can withstand the temperature of a Torch.

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