RYOT Glass 6" Stand-Up Spoon - Black Sandblast


$44.95 CAD 

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This water pipe is 6" in length and features a squared-off head, made from thick heavy matte black glass. This hand pipe sits up right and was inspired home bar ware, RYOT has designed a unique yet classic style of hand pipe that will revolutionize the glass industry. This pipe also features RYOT's signature smoke ware design of a clipper-sized bowl for easy packing. 

This water pipe is size compatible with RYOT DufflesAxe PackDopp KitSafe Cases and Lock R' Boxes for protection on the go, or for storing in your home.

Hand Pipe Features:

  • Size: 6"
  • Frosted Glass
  • Stands Up Alone
  • Matte Black Heavy Wall Glass

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