RED EYE GLASS- 9.5" Nollie Beaker Tube

Red Eye Glass

$89.95 CAD 

RED EYE GLASS 9.5" Nollie Beaker Tube



  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: Pink, Mint Green, Purple, Lime Green
  • Height: 9.5"
  • 100% borosilicate glass


RED EYE GLASS is the number #1 distributor hand made glass pipes in Canada and the USA. All RED EYE GLASS hand pipes, water pipes, bubblers, and smoking accessories are hand-made and of high quality.

 Each one of our glass designs has over 23 years of experience and expertise blown into them and we look forward to creating memorable, high-quality red eye experiences for you and your friends.

 Through meticulous & innovative craftsmanship and unrivaled customer service, RED EYE GLASS will delight and inspire generations to enjoy themselves while traveling down organic avenues

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