RED EYE GLASS- 11.5" Frontside Straight Tube

Red Eye Glass

$69.95 CAD 


Material: Glass

Colour: Black, Jade Green, Mint Green, White

Height: 11.5"

100% borosilicate glass

Clear window to see the filtration in action


RED EYE GLASS is the number #1 distributor hand made glass pipes in Canada and the USA. All RED EYE GLASS hand pipes, water pipes, bubblers and smoking accessories are hand made and of high quality.

 Each one of our glass designs has over 23 years of experience and expertise blown into them and we look forward to creating memorable, high-quality red eye experiences for you and your friends.

 Through meticulous & innovative craftsmanship and unrivalled customer service, RED EYE GLASS will delight and inspire generations to enjoy themselves while traveling down organic avenues    

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