Pulsar RIP Silicone Knuckle Bubbler

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$14.95 CAD 

The 4.6" RIP Knuckle Bubbler puts a completely portable power hitter in the palm of your hands (well... your knuckles). Works great with Pre-Rolls. Platinum cured silicone in multiple cool colours is heat resistant, dishwasher safe, virtually indestructible, and holds colour forever. Models include Blue & Black Swirl, Glow-in-the-Dark, Glowing Neon Green & Yellow Swirl, Glowing Neon Yellow & Red Swirl, and Rasta. Lifetime warranty.

Bubbler Features:

  • 4.6" silicone bubbler
  • Fun Brass Knuckle Design
  • Spill-resistant downstem
  • Multiple bright colours
  • Lifetime Warranty

What's in the Box:

  • Pulsar RIP Silicone Knuckle Bubbler

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