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Life Saber Vaporizer

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  • The Life Saber Vaporizer is one of the most uniquely designed vaporizers on planet earth. Its cylindrical design makes it easy to handle - and it is based upon the same ceramic heating technology and glass-on-glass convective heat transfer that powers both the Silver Surfer Vaporizer and the Da Buddha vaporizer.

    Its anodized aluminum gun-barrel housing is available in a variety of colors and it can be embellished with a limitless variety of filters, adapters and glass accessories. It is one of the greatest looking vapes ever developed - and instantly becomes the centerpiece of any room in which it is used.

  • Colour: Silver.
    Uses: The Life Saber Vaporizer firstly can be used as a wand style vaporizer you hold in your hand. Load your glass transfer wand and pass the Life Saber around for a more portable vape experience.
    Secondly, with an LSV water pipe attachment your LSV is used without the glass transfer wand. You fill your water pipe attachment with your favorite herbs and then put your LSV up to the attachment.
    Thirdly, you can remove the housing and glass heater cover making your LSV a butanless lighter.
    • Pyrex transfer wand and heater-cover for pure glass-on-glass vaping experience
    • 10' power cord with advanced strain relief makes it easy to pass around the room
    • Compatible with 7th Floor filters, adapters and a water cooling/filtering accessories
    • Available in silver gun barrel anodized aluminum housing
    • Includes padded carrying case to protect your LSV and its glass components
    • Use with included transfer wand, water pipe or directly over a bowl (replaces lighter)
    • Simple to operate, durable and easy to clean
  • What To Expect: Jupiter ships all orders within 24-72 hours. Canadian shipments take about 8-10 days or less and United States shipments take between 11-14 days or less. ***********PLEASE SEND ALL SHIPPING web@jupitergrass.ca***********
    Discreet Packaging for Privacy: Jupiter uses discreet and considerate packing boxes. Our labels say Jupiter Glass and because we use correct commodity classification numbers with duty already paid, our shipment to you crosses borders effortlessly. With regards to credit card billing, it will say "Jupiter Glass" on your statement.
    Breakage Policy: Jupiter double boxes all glass bongs and they are packed with very adequate packing materials. If breakage occurs, (very rare), kindly email upon receipt of your order so that we may make things right with you. We have shipped thousands of glass items successfully.

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