GRAV® Glass Blunt w/ Heatshrink Tubing

Grav Labs

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With the GRAV® Glass Blunt with Heatshrink Tubing in your back pocket you'll be set for the day, no rolling required. Just fill the outer chamber, which holds a generous amount of plant matter, and light the end. As you smoke, you can push the mouthpiece into the outer sleeve to ash the blunt, giving you a fresh hit every time. Once you're done, this pipe is easy to clean and reuse time and again. The two pieces of glass are held together by custom fitted heat shrink tubing, and the mouthpiece is pinched at the end to block ash and plant matter. No matter how much of a blunt expert you are, this will still be the best one you've ever smoked.


Length  Height : 4"
Use  With : Flower

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