DabCap- Vape to Bong Adapter

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DabCap- Vape to Bong Adapter

Introducing the DabCap--the fastest, simplest and most cost effective way to connect your vape pens & pre-filled cartridges to your favorite pipes & bongs for super smooth filtration. This patent pending smoking accessory fits both male & female joints of any standard size water pipe and is quickly becoming a staple for glass & vape enthusiasts alike. Made from tough, temperature-resistant silicone, the DabCap vape-to-bong adapter is damn near indestructible!

Every DabCap comes in a smell proof pop-top container, perfect to keep your DabCap safe or reusing for whatever you’d like. This unique vape attachment was designed with versatility in mind and boasts compatibility with nearly any vaporizer pen and industry standard pre-filled cartridges. The DabCap works & fits best however on round tipped mouthpieces and "CCell" cartridges. 

The Original DabCap

  • Universal Vaporizer Accessory
  • Fits most Water Pipes and Glass Bongs
  • Compatible with Male & Female Joints
  • Temperature-Resistant Silicone
  • Smell Proof Travel Container
  • Vape to Bong Adapter
  • No Messy Oils, No Clean Up!
  • Works Best with Round-Tipped Cartridges & Vape Pens

** For optimal performance, we suggest using the DabCap with "C-Cell" style vaporizer cartridges. The DabCap fits nearly every cartridge & mouthpiece but works best with round tipped mouthpieces.

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