BRNT Yaketa - Walnut Rolling Tray


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Walnut Rolling Tray

Minimal in the best of ways. Crafted for you out of pure walnut wood, make Yaketa the focus of your rolling ritual. Designed for easy cleaning, with a well-integrated discard corner. Structured to keep everything exactly where you want it to be.

When designing BRNT’s first rolling tray, the team looked to source a natural material to ground its outer corners and large footprint. At face value, the wood is beautiful, strong and versatile. But when you understand the depth of the material, you know that walnut’s durability ensures a piece will last for decades when designed by a quality craftsman like the brains behind BRNT Designs.

Wooden Tray Features:

  • Pure Walnut Wood
  • Large Rolling Area
  • Accessories Area
  • Designed for Easy Cleaning
  • Discard Corner

What's in the box:

  • Yaketa Walnut Rolling Tray by BRNT

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