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OTTO Grinder Description:

The OTTO Grinder from banana bros. brand is a smart grinding machine that will perfectly ground your dry herbs and fill cones better than you could ever dream of doing with any manual device – all within seconds. The OTTO Grinder is one of the first of its kind to use artificial intelligence technology that has been exclusively patented by the banana bros. brand. This AI tech automatically detects the consistency of the herb being ground, and then adjusts accordingly to provide the most even grind you’ll ever see. Included with the OTTO Grinder are 20 wide-lipped cones that are all-natural and provide an even, slow burn. The OTTO device loads up cones in seconds, without spilling or wasting of you’re herbs. With the OTTO, pressing one button will evenly “mill and fill” your favorite herbs into cones within seconds.

Mill and Fill With Ease

With manual grinders, you have to grind up your dry herb, take every piece out, and painstakingly fill your cones by hand. This method almost inevitably leads to spillage, wasted product, messy hands and odors. The OTTO hybrid Grinder/Filler eliminates these headaches while packing each cone to perfection. Lightweight at a pound and a half, the OTTO is also easy to hold and use with the touch of a button. Charge up your OTTO Grinder using USB just about anywhere you find yourself. The OTTO does the work of grinding and filling cones for you, within seconds, all with one single button.

Grinder With Smart Technology

The Otto is manufactured to use motions that are similar to that of a human hand, only with precision that can only come from smart technology, giving you perfectly ground herb with every use. As the OTTO grinds your herb, the smart technology will adjust itself in accordance with the size of each small piece of herb, and then automatically fill it into an all-natural premium cone. Using the device is simple – all you have to do is open up the chamber on the side, load up your dry herb, then close it. Attach a new cone to the sealed tube via magnets and hold the center button until it lights up. Press the button once to begin the grinding process for perfectly loaded cones every single time.

Top-Shelf Cones Included

The device comes with 20 cones that are free from GMOs, harsh chemicals and adhesives that you might find with other cones and papers. The cones give a great slow burn with tasty, flavorful rips that deliver maximum effects without being too harsh on the throat.

Each charge will get you about 20 to 30 cone packs. The design of the OTTO is transparent, so you get to watch as the device expertly fills up your cone every time. The device itself is heavy duty and built to last, while the internal components feature strong teeth made from metal that can do some serious grinding.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x OTTO Grinder
  • 1 x Fresh Seal Cone Tube
  • 1 x Extra Seal
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Cone Retention Straw
  • 20 x OTTO Cones

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