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Arizer Extreme Q & V-Tower 3 Ft Whip

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  • The Arizer 3 ft Whip is a complete three-piece whip kit made for the Arizer Extreme Q and Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer.

    The vape whip is constructed to the same level of quality that is found in the Arizer parts received with your initial purchase.

  • Specifications:

    The three-piece whip is the most common style of vape whip on the market today. The first component of this type of vaporizer whip is the wand. This long thin rod holds vaping materials and is inserted inside of the heating chamber of the vaporizer. On the other end of the vaporizer whip is the vape mouthpiece, which is placed to the lips when it's time to draw. The speed and force of the draw through the mouthpiece affects the vapor production from the desktop vape. The final component of a three-piece vapor whip is the vape tube, which connects the mouthpiece and wand.

    The Arizer 3 ft Whip features the absolute best materials available for vaporizer whip design. The mouthpiece and the wand are fabricated out of a breakage-resistant glass. Most experts recommend glass vaporizer parts because they are free of chemical additives and therefore will not contaminate vapor, dry herbs or other vaping materials. The vape tube featured in this whip design is constructed out of medical grade materials, ensuring that it is nontoxic. The tubing is 3 feet long to give you enough length to sit comfortably away from the desktop vaporizer.

  • What To Expect: Jupiter ships all orders within 24-72 hours. Canadian shipments take about 8-10 days or less and United States shipments take between 11-14 days or less. ***********PLEASE SEND ALL SHIPPING web@jupitergrass.ca***********
    Discreet Packaging for Privacy: Jupiter uses discreet and considerate packing boxes. Our labels say Jupiter Glass and because we use correct commodity classification numbers with duty already paid, our shipment to you crosses borders effortlessly. With regards to credit card billing, it will say “Jupiter Glass” on your statement.
    Breakage Policy: Jupiter double boxes all glass bongs and they are packed with very adequate packing materials. If breakage occurs, (very rare), kindly email upon receipt of your order so that we may make things right with you. We have shipped thousands of glass items successfully.

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