Ardent-Nova Decarboxylator


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Ardent’s NOVA dramatically increases the potency of your cannabis, allowing you to use less and save money while enjoying the same effect. When smoking, ArdentActivated cannabis has 300% more THC than smoking raw cannabis and when Infusing, ArdentActivated cannabis has 400% more THC in the oil than Infusing raw cannabis.

In fact, ArdentActivated cannabis has triple the potency (amount of active THC) of raw smoked cannabis allowing you to use 1/3 as much while enjoying the same effect (or using the same amount for a more powerful effect) when smoking.

NOVA is Easy, Consistent and Safe

As the most advanced cannabis activation technology available, NOVA has it all:

  • Quick, quiet, one-button operation
  • Dual sensors for automatic temperature control
  • Ardent Activation for optimal utilization of THC
  • Safe, automatic shut-off
  • One-year warranty

Cannabis Activation and Infusion in One Powerful Machine

Inside the NOVA machine

Because of the NOVA’s inNOVAtive, patent-pending design and dual sensors, you get even heating of your herb. This results in the NOVA being able to convert the optimal amount of THC in the raw plant into the usable activated THC. ArdentActivation increases the potency of the cannabis by 300% as compared to smoking raw cannabis. Because of the increased potency, you can use the same amount for a stronger effect, which means significant savings to you.

When it comes to preparing your own medicine it also means accuracy and consistency so you achieve your desired effect and potency.

With the Nova, you can also run your herb through a second cycle with the Nova Sleeve to infuse and use in your own recipes or our prepackaged, easy-to-use recipe kits.

NOVA: The Only Multi-Use Device on the Market

When it comes to cannabis consumption, the NOVA is the must-have device. The NOVA is the only device on the market that enables you to enjoy this wide array of methods:

  • smoke or vape as usual while enjoying an unparalleled increase in potency
  • make Instant Edibles:  sprinkle on food or put into capsules
  • make Infused Edibles: use the NOVA Sleeve to infuse into your own recipes, or our prepackaged recipe kits
  • use sublingually: use the NOVA Sleeve to infuse into or make a tincture and place under your tongue for fast impact
  • make topicals: infuse into oil and mix into your favourite cream or gel

NOVA Infusion Sleeve (Sold Separately)

The secret to easy infusion is the NOVA Sleeve (Sold Separately). It’s a simple addition to the NOVA, and it adds a powerful new capability to prepare infused butters and oils at home. No longer are you limited to edibles that you can buy in a dispensary. No longer do you have to guesstimate the proper dosage of your cannabis for homemade tinctures, capsules or tonics. But don’t take our word for it. 

NOVA & Sleeve Offers You the Dispensary Experience at a Fraction of the Cost

Don’t have a cannabis dispensary near you? Now it can be as close as your kitchen with the accuracy and variety of an actual dispensary. We promise you will be able to taste the difference and feel the maximum effects.

Give the NOVA a try and say goodbye to the odour and the guessing games. Say hello to consistency, accuracy, potency and savings.

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