Kannastor Solid Top & Solid Body 4 Piece Grinder 2.5"

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Kannastor grinders are made from 60/61 hardened aluminum to ensure maximum durability and performance for as long as you own your grinder.

Build it your way...The Easy Change Screen allows you to experiment with multiple sifting options and replace your screen anytime, ensuring you get a lifetime of use from your grinder.  The modular design and precision threading enable Kannastor grinders to break down to a slimmer, more portable 3-piece configuration.

All Kannastor grinders are back by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.



·      2.5" Diameter

·      Comes with a pick

·      Easy Clean Screen

·      Includes monofilament and 1/60 mesh stainless screens

·      Unique hole design for perfect fluffy grounds

·      Deep storage prevents spills

·      Screen guard for easier access to grounds

·      New ultra polished deeper sifter tray

·      61/60 anodized medical grade aluminum

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