Empire Glassworks Ted Spoon Pipe

Empire Glass

$79.99 CAD $99.95 CAD

Empire Glassworks Ted Spoon Pipe

At long last, Ted has arrived! We would say he’s the creator of everyone’s favorite spoon pipe design, but that might make the others jealous (just ask Donald, one of the other spoon pipe designers from Empire Glassworks – we hear he gets jealous).

Sadly, Ted isn’t here to stay. His unique design is only available for a limited time, so if you want him to stick around, you’ll need to make that happen yourself! The reason for the limited run lies in the creativity of the team at Empire Glassworks. They get restless creating the “same” borosilicate glass pipes (each one is actually different due to the unique firing process), so they often change things up.

The stunning appearance comes from the borosilicate glass design and the dichroic coating, which is heated at over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit in a specialized kiln. This affects each piece slightly differently, meaning the Ted you will come to own will not be the same Ted your neighbor has. And hey, tell your neighbor to get a different Empire Glassworks piece – there are too many to choose from!

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