Genius Mini - Silver


$89.99 CAD $99.95 CAD

Genius Mini-Silver | Cools & Filters Like A Water Pipe, Sleek & Discreet, Preserves Flavor & Aroma


The new Genius Pipe Mini is your perfectly dimensioned companion, guaranteed to make you smile through all of life’s small but MINIngful moments.

The Genius Mini 5.0 allows users to track all of life’s moments through an online profile page for your Pipe. That's right, it’s the 21st century and even your pipe has an online profile! This way you can share your experiences with the Genius community and future generations to come.

What is Genius Mini
- Genius Mini is the next generation smoking system which utilizes patented technology used in cooling nuclear reactors.

Genius Slider
- Slide magnetic cover forward to regulate the smoke intake and find the ideal flow for your personal enjoyment.

How Genius Mini Works
- Dimpled pattern breaks smoke into millions of micro vortices providing extreme cooling effect and Water-FREE filtration.

Experience True Taste
- Self-repairing Genius TruTaste screen filters out loose leaf material and delivers the true taste of cannabis strain.

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