Sex & Mischief Enchanted Starter Bondage Play Kit


$26.99 CAD $34.95 CAD

When you're trying something new in the bedroom, kitchen, living room (the location isn't important!), it's almost always a good idea to start with some sexy tried-and-true classics. Keeping all you beautiful bondage dabblers and sensual play connoisseurs in mind, Sex & Mischief has put together a perfect little starter kit guaranteed to rock your casbah/room of choice.

Inside you'll find three key pieces that you'll be able to mix, match or enjoy solo. First up is a soft little feather tickler perfect for dragging teasingly over nipples, bellies, butts and more. Before, after or during this very enjoyable activity, you can gently knot two 51.5"/130.8cm silky ribbon tie restraints over their wrists or ankles (and vice versa) and slip on a silky matching blindfold. 

However you choose to play, this travel-perfect, gift-ready kit will leave you both completely Enchanted.

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