Soda Can Rig- Pepsi

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$64.95 CAD 

Sippin' on soda pop never looked so good!  This soda can rig features 6-slits on a fixed down-stem with an additional 7th hole at the end of the bottom to up the percolation.  This soda rig includes a glass nail and a dome piece as well as an extended neck that resembles a bendy straw!  A great piece to take on the road or leave at home, this will sure "pop" a few conversations.  Soda cool...



  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Fixed Down-Stem
  • 7 Perc Hole Down-Stem
  • Quartz Nail & Dome Piece
  • 14.5mm Male Ground Joint
  • Soda Can Decal


Height: 9.25"  Base Diameter: 2.50"  Weight: 230 Grams



  • Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.
  • Limited Quantity and Availability.

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